104mm Polished Lepidolite Sphere

104mm Polished Lepidolite Sphere


Approx Diameter: 4.125 in.

Approx Weight: 550 grams

                                 19.5 oz
Beautiful Burgundy Madagascan Lepidolite Sphere!

Each crystal is cleansed, charged, and infused with reiki and good intentions before being shipped.All of our crystals are of top grade (at least A grade), are natural and are not dyed.

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  • Metaphysical Properties

    Lepidolite's peaceful energy can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and fear. It encourages the release of pain, resentment, sadness and grief. It's a great crystal to have during times of change as it creates gentle changes into a persons life and allows one to move towards a higher vibration. It can also enhance psychic abilities, clairvoyance and intuition which will attract more synchronicities and coincides into your life. This stone is associated with the Third Eye, Crown, and Heart Chakras.

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