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Clear Quartz w/4 Pearls Necklace

Clear Quartz w/4 Pearls Necklace


Clear Quartz wrapped in Gold Filled wire on a 14k Gold Filled Necklace Chain! The jump rings and clasp on this necklace are also gold filled. 

Chain length: 14in - 16 1/2 in

Our crystal jewelry collection is cleansed with palo santo during craftsmanship. In addition to infusing the necklace with Reiki and good intentions, the owner will cleanse it again with your choice between, moonlightsage, satin spar/selenite, sound/singing bowl, palo santo, incense, or intuitive cleansing before shipping the piece to you. 

Our necklaces are handcrafted with right handed clasps, but we can change it to the left if needed. Thank you!

  • Return Policy

    Please make sure your contact and shipping information are correct prior to completing your purchase. All items are Final Sale. We currently do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Metaphysical Properties

    Clear Quartz Properties: Known as the “master healer” it’ll amplify energy and works in harmony with your body, mind, and soul (along with the universe), to ensure you get all that you need. It absorbs, stores and regulates the release of the energy for balance. 

  • Care

    Our necklaces are handcrafted with care and are by no means perfect. To provide high quality jewelry, all components of our pieces are tightened and quality assured prior to shipment or pickup. Please take care and be mindful of each piece of jewelry. We include a handwritten note in each jar with the properties, description and care instructions.  

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