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About Eyelash Extensions

What to Expect:


The eyelash extensions that I use in my studio vary in brand, thickness, length, curl, and texture. I use synthetic mink and silk eyelash extensions because it holds the curl better than mink, while still being light and noticeable. I do not offer mink extensions as they are unsanitary and inhumane. Each person will have their own design based on what they want and their natural eye shape and natural lashes. I will also ask a series of questions to see what look each client prefers and create the design according to the natural lash health of each client.


You can expect your initial eyelash extension procedure to be scheduled for up to 2 hours. This time allows you to rest, nap, listen to a podcast, or vent to me as I transform your lashes to a customized lash look that will enhance your natural beauty.

The Process:

Prior to the application, I will have you sign a printed or electronically written consent which states the conditions of the service. This also ensures that all allergies are stated prior to application.


We will have a consultation the time of your appointment. We will discuss your preferences of your design while heeding to your natural lash health and strength.

During the application, you will be laying down, comfortably relaxed with your eyes closed. The application process is painless and wonderfully rejuvenating. Clients typically fall asleep and take what lash artists call "Lash Naps".

To apply the eyelash extensions, I will isolate an individual natural lash and expertly bond the extension to your natural eyelash. To ensure your safety during and after the procedure the eyelash extensions are never applied to your skin. This technique maintains the growth cycle  of your natural lashes while still giving you that seamless look (literally). Please remember to keep your eyes closed during the service until i say to open them.

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